Equality Wheel

Equality Wheel

Back in May I posted a link to the Power & Control Wheel, which depicts the tactics used by perpetrators of domestic violence in order to control their victim and keep them in fear. The Wheel is a great tool for assisting women to identify if they are experiencing DV. It was useful for me and now I use it in my work. Today I am posting a link to the Equality Wheel, also devised by the Duluth Centre, which depicts the aspects of a non-violent, healthy, respectful relationship. This tool is also useful for raising awareness in women as to whether or not they are in a healthy relationship. Seeing it can be very confronting at first for some women. Many women, including me, on seeing the Equality Wheel for the first time, are of the opinion that such a relationship does not exist. Alternatively, or as well as that, they may have an inkling that in fact it does exist, and this belief assists them on their journey towards safety.

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